EGE is able to offer its customers complete solar solutions, through its partners. With great pleasure, we announce that we have joined forces with Fronius, an international company headquartered in Pettenbach, Austria.

They are specializing in Perfect Welding, Perfect Charging, and Solar Energy. Fronius has been in the market for 75 years, and they founded the solar business in 1992 to begin a new product range and a new mission in 1995, they began producing inverters.

Fronius is represented in over 30 national Fronius companies throughout the world.

The Business Unit Solar Energy is a critical component of more than 20 of these initiatives.

They guarantee the highest quality through tests conducted in extreme conditions. Their tests go far beyond the prescribed standards and routine operating conditions to ensure that the product can withstand external influences such as extreme temperatures, moisture, ice, salt, dust, and dirt without sustaining damage.

since the early 1990s It is due to their years of hard work and experience in the field of sustainable energy solutions that they have became the innovators leader in the market.

Our System Partners will ensure that you receive the highest possible level of product and service quality.

Please send us an email with your inquiry and one of our sales engineers will contact you directly.